5th Annual Boxes and Blankets – fundraiser

5th Annual Boxes and Blankets – fundraiser

Event Details
September 20, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – September 21, 2019 @ 7:00 am
At the Downtown Chatham Centre- Outside
100 King St. W. Chatham Ontario
Wanda Bell
519 351-4010
5th Annual Boxes and Blankets - fundraiser @ At the Downtown Chatham Centre- Outside

Boxes and Blankets is an annual event, organized by Chatham Hope Haven in which people sleep for a night, on the street, with only boxes and blankets. The objective is to shed light on the issue of homelessness, as well as raise money for the mission, which opened in November, 2017.

We encourage churches, businesses, organizations, youth group leaders, teachers, families and individuals to sign up and gather pledges. All segments of society, working together, can shed light on the plight of the less fortunate.

Sleeping on the street is not easy; it is uncomfortable and could be cold – but this experience will give participants a chance to see how difficult it is to live on the streets.

The need is real. People are homeless and in need of assistance. Many need a listening ear and direction on how to improve their situation, and the volunteers at Chatham Hope Haven offer that.

Chatham Hope Haven provides a safe, supervised place to sleep for up to ten homeless men. The homeless men receive supper and breakfast, as well as a shower and an opportunity to do their laundry. The haven’s vision is to renew hope and provide an opportunity for a better future for those who are living on the fringe.

Pledge forms are available at the office at 183 Wellington Street West or on the website chathamhopehaven.com. Please let the office know you will be participating by calling 519 351-4010. Boxes and supplied for those who register.