Chatham Daily News

Chatham Daily News

Sun Media are the Publishers of 9 Newspapers across Chatham-Kent.  (Chatham Daily News, The Citizen, Home Hunting Guide, Smart Shopper, Chatham This Week, Todays Farmer, Tilbury Wheatley This Week, Wallaceburg Courier Press & Leader Spirit)

We have been delivering local News to residents for over 125 years.  Our distribution consists of 300+ carriers and drivers and deliver over 130,000 Newspapers each week.

We also deliver over 45 Million flyers each year, both local and National.

Why Choose Chatham Daily News?

Our award winning Editorial team continue to bring you relevant, up to date and breaking local News on a daily basis, keeping you informed on what is happening in our community

Our Multi Media experts can assist you in all aspects of your marketing needs, including print and internet advertising, flyer and ad designs, and how to maximize your marketing dollar returns with strategic and timely campaigns.

Sun Media is the largest Publisher of Newspapers across Canada.  We provide National and international news across our publications, keeping you informed of world events.