Floating Therapy

Floating Therapy

Floating Therapy is a Wellness Centre offering floating therapy sessions (also known as R.E.S.T Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy). Floating offers many benefits for Physical, Mental, Emotional and Cognitive Health from two perspectives:
Sensory Deprivation allows for the brain to rest & recover from constant over stimulation, allowing for relief of stress, anxiety, depression and mental exertion. The environment causes immediate effect on your brain & body. Cortisol levels drop (stress hormone) while Serotonin levels increases (regulates mood, appetite & sleep) and regulating Blood Pressure

The Magnesium absorbed during the session has several effects, the 1000lbs of Epsom salt creates a solution for complete buoyancy in the tank. There is no gravity on the body, so muscles relax, and spinal realignment may occur. This allows for breakdown of lactic acid in muscles for physical recovery, relief of chronic joint, neck and back pain.
Magnesium is one of 4 essential nutrients every cell in the body requires for optimal function, with many people suffering from magnesium deficiencies (fatigue, nausea, physical weakness, and muscle cramps)

$55 for your first session
$75 reg price
$195 /3 sessions
$550/10 sessions
(we do offer a First Responder rate of $50 for Fire/EMS/Police/Nurses)

Why Choose Floating Therapy?

We are looking forward to encouraging preventative health & help with a natural form of relief for those suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic pain and more.