I Luv Juicy

I Luv Juicy

I Luv Juicy is your healthier choice fast food alternative.  We offer fresh made wraps, seasonal soups, coffees, tea, herbal teas, stuffed baked pretzels, mochas, moccachino, hot chocolate and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.

With over 49 different smoothies we have something to suit the tastes of everyone!

Our fast, friendly customer service enables you to order on the go.  If you prefer to eat in, we offer retro style tables and chairs just outside our door inside the mall.

We also offer school class and office delivery.

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Why Choose I Luv Juicy?

I Luv Juicy serves smoothies and freshly squeezed juices made only with real fruits and vegetables.  No syrups or preservatives.  People should come into our store at least once a week as an added boost to their normal diet.  After a walk or workout our performance smoothies enhance muscle recovery faster!  Our hot off the grill wraps & pretzels fulfill that hungry appetite.

Stop on by and “Be good to your body”.