As part of the Rogers Group of Companies, our network of stores provides Rogers Cable and Rogers Wireless with a great way to reach out to customers in many provinces.  That’s why you’ll find great offers on Rogers Wireless products in all of our stores.

Our Rogers store offers cable sales and service.  This means that you can come into one of those stores to:

  • pick up a digital cable box
  • open or close a cable account
  • choose your cable package
  • arrange a pay per view event
  • subscribe to Rogers Yahoo! High Speed Internet
  • change billing information
  • pay your cable bill

Our Rogers store is located in a cable-licensed area so we offer Rogers Wireless sales and service including Rogers Home Phone and Rogers Yahoo! High Speed Internet.  This means that in addition to on-the-spot Rogers Wireless activations, our people are also trained to help customers select communication services, adn choose the best rate plan for their needs.  We even handle phone upgrades.

Why Choose Rogers?

Visit us today at the DCC and experience outstanding service and products you know and trust.