Day 2 RetroFest Live Stream Car Show

Day 2 RetroFest Live Stream Car Show

On Day 2 we featured the cars and car owners Charron, Thompson, Uhr, Ernie, Brent, Erickson, Christmas, Chinnick, Hendrie, Langlois, Chrichton, and McKinley. Thank you Ron Van Dewynckel from the Kent Historic Auto Club for all your help.

Bands featured on Saturday were the Big Shiny Tunes and The Universe featuring Ray.

Awards were announced and the winners were:

Ms RetroFest: Cara Redding

Junior Judge:  ’57 Oldsmobile

HDTC-BIA Choice: 1967 Beaumont Sport Deluxe

KHAC Choice: 1931 Cadillac Series 370

Mayor’s Choice: 1923 Grey Dort

RM Choice: 1928 Model A Ford.

You can view the hole video by clicking on the link: Day 2 Car Show