Adventure Hours Day Nursery

Adventure Hours Day Nursery

Adventure Hours Nursery School was established in 1972. Our Philosophy has always remained the same: to provide a positive first step in the ongoing development of the whole child. To offer services to every child regardless of need, whether it be physical, emotional, or otherwise.

Adventure Hours Nursery School is largely based on the High/Scope curriculum. High/Scope bases its educational approach on key experiences in a learning environment, which allows the child to learn through play.  The teachers job is to provide the child with the opportunities to experience creativity, challenges, and successes, along with restrictions, and frustrations, and to guide the child in dealing with these situations in a socially acceptable manner.

In order to do this, the teacher must build a genuine relationship with each child, to build trust, which leads to the development of language, including expressing his thoughts and feelings.

Why Choose Adventure Hours Day Nursery?

Adventure Hours Nursery School is the ideal social setting for language development and offers a positive introduction to the school system for your child.  Each staff member is ECE certified and loves what they do.  Children from ages 18 month to 6 years can be enrolled in our school.  We look forward to meeting you!