Soar Innovations

Soar Innovations

Soar Innovations is a not-for-profit, community-centric organization that functions as an epicenter for entrepreneurship. It provides an enabling ecosystem that is geared toward helping businesses to grow and operate as a perpetual going concern.

It is the region’s 1st business accelerator and incubator designed and conceived by international principal investment and holding company to serve as a business pre-incubator, incubator, accelerator and hyper accelerator. The sole purpose is to build investable ideas into businesses and grow successful businesses into world-class companies with a higher order objective to drive economic development and prosperity.


Why Choose Soar Innovations?

Soar utilizes the deep functional expertise and distinctive problem-solving skills of its founders and supporters to provide a global platform to entrepreneurs, companies and startups. Our international network and mentors offer practical guidance and a right quantum of support for transforming founders into new age business leaders innovating and running larger at-scale operations.





Services We Offer

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High-speed internet

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