Sugar That Body Sugaring and Boutique

Sugar That Body Sugaring and Boutique

Sugar That is a locally owned Hair Removal & Boutique Business based in Chatham. Body Sugaring is an ancient, safe and all natural alternative to waxing and shaving.

The Art of Body Sugaring has been around for centuries and we are proud to bring this service to you!

Why Choose Sugar That Body Sugaring and Boutique?

Body Sugaring is:

All Natural

Our Sugar Paste has only 3 ingredients: sugar, lemon & water. It’s 100% natural, with no preservatives. Although you could eat it, we don’t recommend it as it’s very sticky!

Never Shave Again!

Regularly scheduled body sugaring – hair removal eliminates the need for maintenance in between appointments, bye-bye razor bumps…hello smooth silky skin!

Certified Professionals

Our Certified Sugaring Practitioners provide a calm & comfortable experience, ensuring privacy & prime service. We are the Premier Body Sugaring provider in Chatham-Kent.

Healthy Skin

Sugaring exfoliates only dead skin cells and does not attach to live cells, leaving the skin smooth and silky. This process will not clog pores and helps prevent in-grown hairs.