All That Jazz Dance Co

All That Jazz Dance Co

Top quality training where you can develop & grow a love of dance

Located in downtown Chatham, All That Jazz Dance Company provides top quality dance training in a fun, supportive class environment for all dancers. We take great care to ensure we provide a family-friendly atmosphere where all  dancers are supported as they develop and grow their love of dance.

Our experienced and passionate teaching staff coach each dancer to reach their dance goals and achieve their full potential. Our in-house dance curriculum combines industry best practices and decades of experience to ensure dancers are building their technique and progressing on new skills in each and every class.

  • 21 Llewellyn Street, Chatham, ON
  • (519) 397-2557


Why Choose All That Jazz Dance Co?

Dance is our passion.
We provide quality dance training in a variety of styles for dancers of all ages and abilities.