Dimeski Law, Employment & Human Rights Lawyer

Dimeski Law, Employment & Human Rights Lawyer

Ilija Dimeski​ – Lawyer

The inequality in bargaining power that workers experience has led Ilija to pursue a career where he can help balance the scales of justice by holding employers accountable. As the son of two working class parents, Ilija has an immense passion to fight for workers, in both unionized and non-unionized sectors.

Ilija has successfully litigated before the:

[+] Ontario Labour Relations Board
[+] Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
[+] Workplace Safety & Insurance Board
[+] Ontario Court of Justice
[+] Social Benefits Tribunal
[+] Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

Why Choose Dimeski Law, Employment & Human Rights Lawyer?

The Best Way to Fight Injustice, is to be Informed!

Knowledge of your rights can make all the difference when going against an employer. Companies usually have more resources at their disposal. This puts workers in a more vulnerable position. Dimeski Law aims to balance the scales by providing workers with information about their rights under the law. Each article below outlines a specific issue a worker may experience, and what options they may have. The more you know, the more you are prepared to take on the employer.