JM Fry Furniture Design

JM Fry Furniture Design

JM Fry Furniture Design can work with you to make your dreams come true, in designing and creating your custom one of a kind piece for your business or home.

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JM Fry Furniture Design has a full line of customizable furniture available for your home or office. Please drop by our showroom or click on our the Shop tab above to see our latest selection.

 JM Fry Furniture can work with you to fabricate your custom piece for your business or home based on your design drawings.

Why Choose JM Fry Furniture Design?

John Fry is a Canadian born upholsterer and furniture designer from Australia. It was in Australia that he completed his apprenticeship in upholstery learning new and antique methods of upholstery, whilst working for a company that produced large scale commercial jobs as well as custom orders and re-upholstery.

After returning to Australia for 2 years to spend time with his family, John moved to Ontario in 2011 to be with his girlfriend, Rose. He worked in the Toronto area as a Production Manager in custom upholstery, gaining valuable experience and insight into the local market before beginning JM Fry Furniture Design.