Public Space Patio – Expression of Interest only.

Public Space Patio – Expression of Interest only.

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Public Space Patio – Expression of Interest

The Province of Ontario’s Phase 2 re-opening permits restaurants and bars to open for service outdoors. The Municipality is exploring ways to support our local businesses and that includes gauging interest of local restaurants and bars expanding patio space into municipal property on sidewalks.

How it would work: Restaurants and bars would be permitted to expand their patio onto the sidewalk. To ensure safe and accessible travel for pedestrians, the Municipality would close parking spaces immediately adjacent to the patio, build accessible ramps that allow pedestrians to get to and from the sidewalk into the closed parking spaces and erect safety barriers to separate the closed parking spaces from vehicles traveling on the street. The actual cost of the ramps and barriers would be split on a pro-rata basis among the interested businesses.

What we need from you: To know whether you are interested in expanding your patio into municipal property.

This form is a no commitment expression of interest.

If you are interested, we ask that you fill out this form and provide it to by no later than 4:30 p.m. on June 22, 2020.

Attach a simple sketch that shows how your business fronts onto the sidewalk, what part of the sidewalk immediately adjacent to your business you would like to use for a patio, and the parking spots that are in front of your business. There is no need for exact measurements, but the Municipality does need to know how many parking spaces will need to be closed.

Required Information

Business Name:

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What Happens Next? Once the Municipality has assessed interest, it will contact businesses that have submitted this form to advise them of the estimated cost of installation. It is only at that time that the Municipality will require a firm commitment through a more formal agreement. If you do not submit this form, you will not be contacted by the Municipality for this purpose.

Information is collected on this form pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information Act and will only be used, maintained or disclosed in accordance with that Act. The Municipality does not guarantee that any municipal property will ultimately be approved for use by any particular business.

Public Space Patio-Expression of Interest