Tenancy definintion for HDTC-BIA


Definition: A Member” means an individual, partnership or corporation who, on the last returned assessment roll, was assessed with respect to rateable property in the Business Improvement Area that is in a prescribed business property class.  Members shall include tenants of such property

TENANT Definition per the Act:

Per section213 For the purpose of clauses 210 (3) (c) and 211 (1) (b) section 211 (2) and clause 211 (4) (b), a tenant shall be deemed to be responsible for the part of the taxes that the tenant is required to pay under the tenant’s lease or under sections 367 and 368. 2001, c. 25, s. 213.

  1. Every Member who is a Tenant shall register with the HDTC-BIA. This registration form will be given to the Landlord/Business owner. The Tenant is to fill out the form Declaration of Tenancy form and submit it be to the HDTC-BIA who is required to maintain a log of Landlords/Tenant.

>See Declaration of Tenancy Form                            

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