Tenants and Land Owners responsibilities

Tenants and Land Owners responsibilities

LANDLORD/OWNER responsibilities:

The Landlords are required to give notice to each new Tenant of their property who is required to pay all or part of the taxes on the property.

The Landlord is to supply Tenant’s names (see Declaration of Tenancy Form) and contact information for the HDTC-BIA’s records to be maintained on file by the HDTC-BIA office for notifications of upcoming events/meetings. It is the responsibility of the HDTC-BIA office to update changes from the current tenants as information is required to be updated. Landlords cannot choose who can receive updates, all pertinent information will be distributed as needed unless the tenant themselves do not wish to be notified.

Any property owner who pays commercial property taxes would be liable to pay a HDTC-BIA levy or any tenant who is required under their lease to pay all or part of the taxes on the commercial property may object to the proposed By-law by filing written notice of the objection with the Clerk of the municipality.

TENANT Definition per the Act: Per section213 For the purpose of clauses 210 (3) (c) and 211 (1) (b) section 211 (2) and clause 211 (4) (b), a tenant shall be deemed to be responsible for the part of the taxes that the tenant is required to pay under the tenant’s lease or under sections 367 and 368. 2001, c. 25, s. 213.

  1. a) CORPORATE APPOINTEES: A corporate Member or a member that is a partnership may nominate in writing one individual to vote on its behalf. The Board of Management may require the nomination in a form approved by the Municipal Clerk, which form shall be provided to the Board of Management not less than three (3) business days prior to the meeting at which the individual will vote. More than one corporate Member may nominate the same person to vote on its behalf, in which case such Member shall have the same number of votes as he or she has corporate nominations.

The HDTC-BIA has a form for: Corporate Appointees Re: Annual General Meeting that can be used or another form determined by the City Clerk.

See forms from HDTC-BIA Policies and Procedures Sept.2015

Form for Declaration of Tenancy

Corporate Appointee form