RetroFest™ 2021

RetroFest™ 2021

RetroFest™ 2021 Virtual Cruise Party and Car Show


This year RetroFest™ 2021 will be live-streamed! There will not be a physical location for attendees to visit, instead viewers can watch RetroFest via the comfort of their home or office. Due to Covid-19 we are forced to avoid large gatherings downtown, which is why we are keeping RetroFest alive with a new a modern live streaming format. Our cruise will not be open to the public this year, however select cars will be featured inside of our video stream over Friday June 25, and Saturday June 26.

Ms. RetroFest™ Pageant

TitleWe will also be running a Ms. RetroFest™ Pageant. We are very happy to invite Melanie Renaud, Miss Galaxy Chatham 2021 and former Miss Teen Chatham-Kent-World 2013 and Canada’s Perfect Supermodel 2015 as the director for the Ms. RetroFest 2021 pageant. The winner of the competition will be a confirmed ambassador of downtown and all that RetroFest™ represents.

The Ms. RetroFest™ Pageant application link is live!

Download and send your submission to with your photo and 30-second video by April 14th 2021. First Step: Application Submission

Visit our Ms.RetroFest Event Page for all contest rules and expectations.

RetroFest™ Registration Information

Registration will be different this year, instead of our formal registration, we simply ask you to feature your car on our Facebook event page located here. All classic car enthusiasts are asked to visit this page, and upload a photo of your classic car. Be sure to include the the Make, Model and Year of the car you are showing, as well as any other information that you would like to share!

RetroFest™ 2021 Schedule

Friday night, June 25, 2021

We will be live streaming our hand picked / featured cars within our mini-cruise, as well as a live streamed concert for you to enjoy. Throughout the video stream, we will also be featuring a number of guest speakers, and featured video content including a look into a number of vehicles, their owners, and much more!

Saturday June 26, 2021

We will be holding our award ceremony, we will also be announcing the winner of the Ms. RetroFest 2021 pageant, as well as presenting live streamed music for your entertainment. We will all need to abide by the Covid-19 restrictions. Depending on the restrictions on (May 21 & 22) June 25 & 26, we will determine exactly what can be featured at that time.